1. Certain features of PWR Network Limited or our affiliated websites require the purchase of credits. Unused balances may not be redeemed for cash and cannot be refunded, except if it is required by applicable law.

2. We believe in the power of freedom and choice. Therefore all payments are one-time and non-recurring.

3. All the rates are increased with VAT and other taxes by legal means unless otherwise agreed.

4. The statutory cooling-off period laid down in Article 7:46c paragraph 1 DCC cannot be claimed for this Entertainment Service.

Credits Price
28 $1.69
70 $14.69
175 $34.69
399 $64.69
700 $119.69
1400 $199.69

5. When you join our service, you become a free member.

6. Credits have no case or property value, and have limitations and are subject to expiration and change